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"I always feel a sense of peace after a BodyTalk session"

I have been receiving BodyTalk sessions from Bonnie both in person and virtually for several years now.  While I cannot understand or explain the science, I find it amazing how she can spot issues in my life that cause me stress that she would have no way of knowing anything about. These issues always correspond to something in my body. Once these are dealt with and “tapped out” I always feel better. When I feel overwhelmed and under pressure I always feel a sense of peace after a Body Talk session. It is an amazing and unique way of dealing with stress.  - Margaret, Financial Advisor

"I find BodyTalk healing sessions powerful "

I have been receiving BodyTalk Healing and transformation sessions from Bonnie for over 8 years. One of the things I loved the most about my first BT session with Bonnie was that it was incredibly calming. I was feeling a lot of anxiety and why I love BT is because there is literally no need to talk through concerns, health matters, psychological traumas, rather it is a matter of trusting the process. Bonnie begins working and listening to my body and tuning into it and my body communicates areas which require neutralization and physical processing. The session is actually incredibly relaxing and allows me to feel completely safe and confident that it is working as it should. I was fortunate enough to receive in person sessions with Bonnie for 5 years when we worked together, however, now I receive equally powerful sessions remotely. Since I moved to Singapore three years ago, I have been receiving Body Talk healing sessions with Bonnie which have been both done by Bonnie, recorded, and then sent to me or through live chats with Bonnie depending on time zones and need. Bonnie has helped me process stressful periods and situations in my life and has continued to do so powerfully through this Covid-19 period of restrictions, fears and more social isolation than I’ve experienced before. I have received BT sessions from others which have been good but for me Bonnie is highly skilled and incredibly tuned in to BT and her vast studies of BT and practice have made her the therapist that enables me to feel so much better, freer, more clear and happier with each session. Bonnie has a beautiful calming voice which I love listening to in recorded sessions and often will listen to a few times to really reinforce the benefits. I find BT healing sessions to be more powerful than massage, psychotherapy or any other types of healing work that I have done to help better understand my place in the world. I am so happy that I can access this huge source of strength and abundant care through BT with Bonnie..  - Georgia, International Theatre Teacher 

"I felt like a weight lifted and the stress dissolved from my body "

I feel lighter and calmer after a BodyTalk session.  My therapist recommended that I try BodyTalk.  It was the first time I had heard about this treatment, and I reluctantly tried it.  I felt skeptical and did not expect any results.  After the first session, I was pleasantly surprised.  I felt like a weight lifted and the stress dissolved from my body.  It felt like a profound shift in my energy.  During the sessions, I am constantly amazed at the insights Bonnie provides.  These include difficult situations and negative thought patterns that I have experienced difficulty resolving and felt lingered in my body.  Bonnie has a warm and kind presence.  After each session, I feel more relaxed than after other modalities, including meditation, massage therapy, and acupuncture.  I highly recommend that anyone interested try a BodyTalk session with Bonnie.  - Anonymous, Lawyer

"Bonnie's sessions brought me some much needed balancing "

Bonnie’s BodyTalk session was so fascinating! Everything that came up to be balanced was so on point and deeply resonated with me. Bonnie’s session brought me some wonderful insights about some issues I’d been experiencing and some much needed balancing with some emotions I’d been feeling.  - Michelle, Energy Healer



"If it hadn't been for you, I don't know what I would be like today"

My whole experience with my leg amputation during the pandemic was so traumatic (it is bad enough to lose a leg but then to be treated so badly by the doctor) ... I was so emotionally devastated.  If it hadn't been for you, I don't know what I would be like today.


I met Bonnie in 2014 when we were both working in Warsaw, Poland. I had previous been working in India where in addition to the traditional medical profession, I explored lots of alternative health practices, but I had never heard about BodyTalk. I was excited about exploring a new modality.  I was struggling with depression and knee issues and through Bonnie's BodyTalk sessions I began to feel better mentally and physically.


I moved back to the U.S. and didn't pursue any more sessions with Bonnie until the Pandemic in 2020 when after a BKA (Below the Knee Amputation) got really infected, I was in danger of dying.  Bonnie began giving me sessions specifically directed at the infection in my leg.  Even though the sessions weren't done in the physical presence of one another like in Poland, she would record them and then send the audio to me.  I would re-listen to them nightly right after I had finished my physical therapy daily exercises, and right before going to sleep.  She had also given me some visualizations and meditations to complete.  Her sessions and suggestions really helped me both emotionally and physically.  They helped me to take more control of my own healing....In Bonnie I found a long-distance partner in healing.  It truly made a difference.  Words cannot express the gratitude I feel.   - Shari, International World Languages Teacher

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