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About BodyTalk

What is Bodytalk?

BodyTalk is an energy healing healthcare system that helps reconnect the communication within the bodymind so we can be our healthiest and happiest self.

How does it work?

BodyTalk is based on the premise that the body is innately intelligent and can heal itself (just like a cut finger) as long as the lines of communication are intact.  Stress (psychological, emotional, environmental) is a major contributor to health issues because it compromises our body’s ability to heal. BodyTalk addresses this stress.


Using subtle neuromuscular biofeedback, the BodyTalk practitioner can identify and help release stress so your body, mind, and spirit can heal.

What conditions can BodyTalk improve?

Bodytalk can help with:

  • anxiety, stress, and depression

  • releasing fears and phobias

  • sensitivities and allergies

  • infections and viruses

  • digestive and endocrine disorders​

  • chronic pain and fatigue

  • hormone imbalances​

  • headaches

  • releasing emotional traumas

  • shifting limiting beliefs

  • relationships with self and others

  • athletic performance

  • whole bodymind healthcare


What comes up in a BodyTalk session, is what is the greatest priority for the body to heal at that time.

What would your body say.jpg

How long is a BodyTalk session?

A BodyTalk session, whether in person or by distance, lasts between 45-60 minutes.  Before the first session, the client will be asked to fill out an intake form to bring to the session.  Allow more time for your first BodyTalk balance to discuss the form.

What happens in an in-person session?

The client lies fully clothed on the treatment table.  The practitioner uses muscle testing and a protocol chart to find out what the priority for healing is, where the communication in the body needs to be restored, and what some of the stresses and belief systems are that need to be released. Then we use gentle, noninvasive tapping on the head, heart and gut brains to activate the change.  Covid protocols are in place. 

How does a distance session work?

Distance sessions can be in real time using telephone or FaceTime OR they can be done and recorded for you to listen to at your convenience. Many people prefer the recording so they can listen to it several times. Distance sessions are as powerful as in-person sessions.  It is a matter of preference.

How often should I have a BodyTalk session?

For the best results, plan on three times initially.  Each session uncovers deeper layers of “issues we hold in our tissues.”

Many clients like to come for monthly maintenance sessions to ensure a healthy communication within the bodymind rather than waiting for something stressful to happen that puts them off balance.  

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