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About Bonnie McComb



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BodyTalk has made a huge and positive impact on my own life journey.  I started having BodyTalk sessions when a friend needed people to practice on to become a practitioner almost 20 years ago. I soon found that it became an important healing tool for managing stress, overwhelm, and sadness when I went through some challenging life events and physical concerns so I decided to study this amazing system. 


What do I love about BodyTalk? I love how the neuromuscular bio-feedback (muscle testing) identifies things that trouble us, things we may not even be conscious that bother us until they are named.  I love how we don't have to verbally talk about issues. Most of all, I love how BodyTalk helps the body heal itself and creates a "lightness of being." 

My Background

I have been a qualified BodyTalk practitioner since 2012.  I have taken over 25 courses related to the BodyTalk System and am a member of the International Bodytalk Association (IBA) and the Pacific Northwest BodyTalk Association (PNWBA).  Over the years, I have had the good fortune to take courses and connect with BodyTalkers in England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and the USA.  I am also currently studying a new energy healing system called BodyIntuitive.

If you would like a distance or in-person session, please contact me for further information.

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